• What is 1-1 Skill Development?
  • 1-1 Skill Development is a tool professional athletes have been taking advantage of for years. A dedicated coach or trainer works on an individual player’s mental and physical game to excel in their sport. Sessions consist of game situations at game speed. This is not a typical coaching environment where a coach just talks to you the whole time, instead we bring you the best coaches to do live drills with you and physically show you how to beat the competition. Skill development has been the secret to many athlete’s greatness, now it’s your turn!The results are amazing and you will notice a difference within the first 3 sessions. Learn the game from a highly motivating coach or well accomplished athlete. Our athletes tell us they have learned so much more in a few sessions than years of playing on an organized team. Individual attention can truly take your game to its peak.
  • How does T1S work?
  • Teach1Sports connects the best professional trainers and decorated coaches to athletes of all ages through 1-1 sports specific private sessions. Our company was founded and ran by enthusiasts of all sports that understand the importance of them and how sports can have a great impact on a person’s life. We know of the need for an application that allows determined athletes to turn their potential into reality.We have created our site to be incredibly user friendly, allowing users to easily find the perfect coach. Users can search for coaches quickly by typing in their sport, entering their city or zip code. Users also have the option of searching through multiple filters such as price, reviews, distance, and specific coaching strengths. Our site has search capabilities that allow users to find the perfect coaching profiles.

    Our profiles have all the information you need such as past trainees, price, availability calendar, highest level played, highest level coached, training video clips, and easy to use booking session payment options. All you do is select how many sessions you want and as soon as you purchase the session, you will instantly receive all your coaches’ personal information when you checkout. If you have any questions about the training session feel free to contact your coach directly.

    BEST PART! If you are not completely happy with your trainer/coach, we offer 100% money back on all single sessions purchased.

    If you can’t find a coach offering private session in your area that you are interested in, please leave your contact information and some idea of what you’re looking for on our CONTACT PAGE and our concierge service will supply a coach for you free of charge. We will notify you as soon as we find a qualified coach.

  • What are the benefits of joining T1S as a coach?
  • There are no fees associated with joining Teach1Sports!
    • Earn $30 – $150+/hour and set your own schedule and session rates
    • Know that you are safe with $100,000 liability insurance on all sessions
    • Fast payment using direct deposit to your bank account
    • Credit Card processing
    • Great tools you can use to gain, manage, and help clients
    • If you don’t have a facility, we do the best job we can finding you a home
    • Gain access to thousands of athletes looking for your coaching abilities in your area
  • Why is it important to book through Teach1Sports?
  • It is our policy that all training sessions must be booked through T1S, so we do not allow exchange of contact information before training sessions are booked. We do this for security purposes and also to keep the cost on both athletes and coaches as low as possible. Once the session is paid for, the athlete and coach’s contact information will be delivered to allow for further communication if needed. We also are affiliated with a nonprofit that allows us to give free sessions to underprivileged athletes around the bay area. This allows underprivileged athletes a chance to better their skills in the sport they love.Advantages booking through our site for Athletes:
    • 100% money back guarantee
    • Support 7 days a week, always available to you
    • $100,000 Liability insurance policy
    • Easy to use calendar booking and ability to securely pay (no cash)


    Advantages booking through our site for coaches:

    • The more sessions you book, the higher you rise in the search results
    • $100,000 insurance coverage on all sessions
    • Secure payment methods through easy to use calendar
    • Set your own location, days, and times you want to train
    • Quick payment options directly to your account
    • T1S Dashboard to look up clients near you, set schedule, track and manage sessions, and upload videos
    • No more pen and paper scheduling, making it easier to keep your sessions straight
  • How do I receive payment for my sessions already performed?
  • We offer quick and safe direct deposit to any account of your choosing, whether business or personal. Just go to your payment tab in your coach’s dashboard and enter in all the vital information we need.
  • How will I be taxed?
  • We will need you to fill out a W9 form upon being selected and a direct deposit slip. At the end of the year we will 1099 you your earnings. To stay compliant with any taxes, we use ADP for our payment direct deposit which has been serving the world for more than 50 years.
  • Can I coach in multiple sports?
  • Yes, it is extremely easy to create profiles in different sports on T1S. After a quick approval process, your profile will be available to athletes looking for coaches like you.
  • What happens if I don’t see the field I coach in?
  • Please contact us by our contact page and we will surely accommodate any interest that our users have for a particular field or sport. It usually takes us 3 days’ time to add in a new category to training, but we appreciate your feedback.
  • Can I coach if I play in the NCAA?
  • We are looking for coaches who possess the exact mental toughness to get to the next level just like you. Although we couldn’t be excited enough about bringing you on board, we want to make sure we don’t do anything to jeopardize your collegiate eligibility. If you are an NCAA athlete, please contact your compliance center at your school as well as your head coach to make sure we are going by the book. Until then feel free to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.
  • How do I become a T1S Coach?
  • The process is fast and painless and on average takes about 20 minutes to setup your profile. Go to the “Become A Coach” tab and fill out all the fields absolutely free of charge. We pick coaches who have the background and capabilities of turning an athlete’s potential into reality. Our athletes’ safety is our main concern so the only reason for the “lag time” is us looking into your profiles information and referencing any background information that might be pertinent.
    Once your profile has been reviewed usually within 24 hours, you will receive an automated email letting you know you have been selected or need more information to verify your profile. The email will give you all the login information as well as any tips to fully enjoy our site.
  • Does Teach1Sports do background checks on coaches?
  • You can request a up-to-date background check on anyone of our coaches for a low fee. T1S takes our coaches applications through a rigorous process prior to allowing them onto our site. Before allowing them on the website, we do a public record and a sex offender history check to ensure the highest level of professionalism and safety.Many coaches have past trainee reviews and recommend that you contact your coach prior to your session if you need to clarify any pending questions.
  • My application has been approved, now what?
  • Congratulations you made it into a very prestigious coaching circle. Feel free to enter your dashboard at any time and update your profile. Just think if you were sent a Facebook request from someone who had no pictures or information. In this situation more is better!
    • Upload a photo and action shots of your sessions
    • Upload videos right from your phone, contact us to get it professionally done
    • Update playing or coaching highlights
    • Upload testimonials from past trainees
    • Verify your contact info and always keep it current
    • Keep your pricing consistent; this is completely up to you. You know your worth
    • Update your calendar and be diligent on viewing your sessions
    • Feel free to express interest in an athlete around you
    • Respond quickly to customers if you need to cancel a session, but try not to make a habit of it. We understand life throws curve balls, causing you to have to cancel sessions sometimes, but cancellations might cause you to lose customers.
  • Do I need to report my earnings?
  • Absolutely, anytime you make more than $600 in a year, you have to report to the IRS. We send out 1099-K form for our coaches by January 31st to allow you time to prepare taxes.
    Although we want to set you up for success, we aren’t CPA’s, so please consult your tax professional for any advice or tax filing.
  • Do I have to have my own facility?
  • Yes, it helps reduce costs as a coach if you have your own facilities to use for your sessions. We know that some coaches might not have access to gyms, so as a part of T1S, we link coaches and established facilities together. There are many facilities that are looking for added income and 1-1 skill development. All you have to do is contact us and let us know where you live and where you would like to train. We’ll do the best job we can to find you a home.Many locations and facilities offer their site for a percentage or cost. Make sure you factor in those costs when setting up your session rate. If you do this, we recommend that you state in your profile that facility fees are included in your session rates. *Please add any necessary notes into your “notes section” on your profile such as “to enter the facility there is an additional $5/visit.
  • What if I coach in multiple locations?
  • No problem, in our coaches’ profile we give you the option of adding multiple training locations allowing you to pick each location when setting up your calendar availability. You have the option of selecting a day and time and which location you wanted to train at for that specific session.
  • How do we charge our coaches?
  • Join our site absolutely free! We aren’t like any other existing site, we keep costs low and certainly don’t nickel and dime our users. The way that we do that is with your help! We want to keep all our users on the site so we don’t have to charge added costs to stay operational. Some sites charge as much as 10% per transaction and a finder’s fee. NOT US! Teach1Sports charges a 5% transaction fee to athletes and 3% to coaches.

    We don’t charge like other sites on a per client rate. There is no fee for coaches to have a profile on T1S. 
    If you don’t have insurance, we can offer you $100,000 insurance for an additional 2% per transaction which is literally pennies on the dollar just to cover our costs. The fee covers our $100,000 insurance coverage on all sessions booked through T1S, credit card processing, calendar maintenance and updating, digital marketing, security updates, direct deposits, and many more features that make T1S more accessible.

  • How do coaches set their pricing?
  • The rates for 1-1 training through Teach1Sports vary by coach, location, length of session, sport, and caliber of coach. Our prices are set by coaches, and vary anywhere from $30 – $150+. The average price per hour session is between $50 and $75 depending on prior experience and demand. These aren’t just coaches talking to help you get better, but these are actual coaches that work hands on drill to drill on game specific scenarios.Ex. High school head coaches usually charge within this same price range.
  • When does T1S pay me for my completed sessions?
  • We give you your money as soon as you mark your session completed. Go to your coaches’ dashboard and click attendance, then simply mark complete next to the session you just completed. We are working on our mobile app, but feel free of going on your smart phone and going through your browser.Direct Deposit payments are issued 48 hours after your session is completed. It then takes 24 hours to be transferred to your account. We have found this to be the fastest and safest way to pay our coaches.
  • Do I get paid if my client cancels within 24 hours of session or doesn’t show up?
  • Absolutely, we got your back! We know it isn’t fair if a customer doesn’t show up or cancels a session within the last 24 hours when a session was supposed to have taken place because you could have scheduled someone else. All you have to do is go in your coaches’ dashboard and click attendance, then hit NO SHOW. We will send you out the payment on the same timeline as a completed session.
  • Can I contact my coach before the session?
  • Absolutely, after you find a coach you like all you have to do is pick a session that works for you in his/her calendar and book the session. Once you pay for the session, both you and the coach can contact each other via email or telephone.Also remember our 100% money back guarantee on all sessions booked through T1S, so even if the session doesn’t work out, let us know and we’ll make it right.
  • Can I pay my coaches directly?
  • Unfortunately, no. In order to secure your booked session you must make a payment through our T1S website. This policy ensures our ability to conduct background checks on all our coaches and safely transfer money removing the hassle and risk of cash.This also allows us to offer multiple perks like our 100% money back guarantee and $100,000 insurance policy for our sessions booked online.

    Teach1Sport’s terms and conditions clearly states that coaching relationships that start on T1S must be rebooked through our website. So please help keep the fees down by referring our users back to the site.

  • Can I setup a group session?
  • When you get into a coaches calendar that you want to train with, see if they preform group sessions. If they do its just as easy as booking a 1-1 session. Our coaches offer up to 4 athletes group training to allow the same individual attention just in a more cost efficient way. See the pricing and availability through the coaches’ profile page.
  • Can I stay to watch my kids training session?
  • Absolutely! We recommend that you watch your kids especially in the beginning when they are getting acclimated with their trainer. All our coaches are rigorously chosen but your kids are the most important thing in your lives so we understand the added precautions. Just like any other relationship, the more you encounter a coach the more open and comfortable you will feel with him/her.
  • Can I cancel or stop my T1S sessions?
  • Our policy is if you book through T1S, all single purchased sessions are refundable within 48 hours after the session if you were displeased. If you contact us outside of the 48 hour window, then you will be issued a credit.To keep it fair for our coaches our bundle packages are nonrefundable, so be sure that when booking your coaches’ bundle sessions, you try 1 session first to see if your coach meets your expectations.

    On the other hand you can cancel your sessions outside the 24 hour window for a bundle session and receive credit to book another session with the same coach at a different date and time.

  • Can I work out with my coach multiple times in the same week?
  • Yes, our recommendation is to purchase one session with a new coach and then you can bundle up for better savings and a more consistent workout partner.The only rule we have is once you purchase a session or bundle of sessions, you must use all sessions within a years’ time of the first booked session.
  • Do I need to bring my own equipment to my session?
  • It really depends, you can ask your coach after you get connected with him/her.If you have something specific you would like to train with, feel free to bring it with you. Ex. Helmet, mouthpiece, shooting sleeve, racket, golf clubs, or ankle weights.
  • How do I find the right coach?
  • Teach1Sports was made by athletes and coaches who understand which factors are very important when considering choosing a coach. You should consider the listed factors below: athlete’s review, experience, price, coaching background, playing background, availability, specific skills, and training location.If your still aren’t sure if you’re making the right choice, please feel free to give us a call at (415) 766-1585. Tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll give you a great recommendation on a coach who mirrors your exact needs.
  • How far in advance should I book my session?
  • That’s completely up to you. We allow sessions to be booked up to 8 hours before the said session. We want to be fair to our coaches so if you schedule a training session and cancel within 24 hours of your session, we have to charge you for the session because the coach could have booked someone else if you didn’t take up that time slot.We recommend that you book a package of 3, 5, or 10+ for multiple reasons. You can always cancel a session and reschedule the time outside of the 24 hour window. By picking a package it’s going to be much cheaper as opposed to buying individual sessions. If for any reason your coach doesn’t show up report the odd occasion to us and we will make it right.
  • How often should I schedule my coaching sessions?
  • This is completely up to you. If you are a committed sports athlete looking to better your game for school we recommend getting coaching twice to three times a week. If you are a recreational player looking to get a good workout instead of hitting the treadmill, 1 or 2 times a week will allow you to work on what your coach is trying to teach.
  • How old do I have to be to try Teach1Sports?
  • We are committed to helping anyone willing to work hard for what they want and want the right tools to succeed on the field/gym. We start at 7 years old and work with adults 60+ looking to get a great workout.We accept all major credit cards, but don’t accept payments via cash or check. It takes very long to transfer and process cash or check, and we know our coaches deserve to get paid the fastest way possible.
  • What is Teach1Sports 100% money back guarantee on all single sessions?
  • We want you to book sessions with the upmost confidence, so we offer a money back guarantee on all single sessions purchased. We have the best coaches and want to ensure that your T1S experience is better than you could have imagined, but if you aren’t completely happy with your session, just let us know within 48 hours of your session.We only offer credit for bundled packages because we figure if you bought a package you must enjoy your coach and only have to find the right time that works for you and your coach.

    Bottom line is we appreciate you allowing us to do what we love daily, so we will make it right!

  • Why is coaching style important to athletes?
  • All coaches are extremely helpful and encouraging when trying to help you succeed in your sport. There are many styles of instruction, so finding the right coach for you is important but don’t worry we have some of the best coaches ready to help you.Some people respond better to coaches who push them, but other seem to like more of a laid-back coaching approach. It is important to just be honest with your coach, so they can make the experience an amazing one. Our coaches are great at matching goals and expectations from our athletes so just talk, be completely honest about what you are looking for.
  • What does the service fee cover?
  • The service fee is basically the minimum cost of operation, allowing us to cover all necessary costs. We work hard on keeping T1S affordable to everyone, and our service fee allows us to maintain and improve our site, allowing us to continue helping athletes across the Bay Area.The 5% service fee also allows us to offer many great benefits to our coaches and athletes. These include $100,000 liability insurance coverage, 100% money-back guarantee, public records background checks on all our coaches, secure payment options, easy to use calendar booking system, and much more!
  • I am well over 40 years of age, is Teach1Sports good for me?
  • WITHOUT A DOUBT! You can always get better at the sport you love regardless of age. We hated running the treadmill but know that cardio is an important part to a healthy lifestyle, so think of 1-1 skill development as a type of yoga or other form of workout giving you a qualified coaches’ individual attention. Whether it’s returning serves or simply critiquing your jump shot, we can definitely help.